Setup of Nutanix AHV Virt_who for Red Hat Satellite

In this article, I intend to walk through the basics of setting up an virt-who config to be used to leverage the Nutanix API from Red Hat Satellite, thereby adding the capability to bring in all of our AHV hosts into Satellite, as well as all the RHEL VMs.

This tutorial will directly reference the Red Hat Satellite with AHV Integration Guide provided from Nutanix Portal. A link to the guide has been provided below.

So to begin this tutorial, I’m going to make the following assumptions about your environment. Before you dig into this guide, please review these assumtions, and make sure you are in a state that matches the below.


  1. You have a fully functioning and configured Red Hat Satellite 6.
  2. You have the following details regarding your Satellite server
    1. Org Name as it was registered in Satellite
    2. FQDN of the Satellite Server
    3. Username/Password of a user in Satellite (Preferably a service account)
  3. Credentials to Prism Central or Prism Element
  4. Finally – You have a subscription setup and allocated to the Satellite server.

To begin, we need to install the Nutanix virt-who agent on Satellite. (or any RHEL VM that is registered to either the Satellite server or to the Red Hat Portal.)

  • Download the Nutanix virt-who agent from the Nutanix Support Portal here.
  • Log into the system in which you are using.. (I used our Satellite server.)
  • Upload the .rpm that you downloaded from the Nutanix Portal
  • Install the Nutanix virt-who agent by running:
$ yum install rpm-file
  • Next we need to create a Nutanix virt-who configuration file that included the details about the AHV cluster.
  • Change directory to the /etc/virt-who.d/ directory
  • Create a new file. This file can be named any way you like, however it needs to end with a .conf extension.
  • Below is an example configuration file:
  • After saving this file, you should now be able to test your configuration to make sure everything is working.
  • The agent can be run in on of the following modes:
    • One shot mode to report the VM-to-host mapping to Satellite one time only.
      • $ virt-who -o
    • Continuous mode
      • $ virt-who

At this point everything should be working. You may see some warnings. Some may require some additional configuration to resolve, others may be benign. You’ll have to sort through any warnings and decide if they need additional remediation or not.

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